End of daylight savings time book winners

Celebrate the end of daylight savings time by reading Goodnight Bob!

Congratulations to the following Goodnight Bob winners!:

* Aleta Harrell and the Title I program at Rumford Elementary School

* Nicole McLellan and grade two at the Cushing School. Nicole also received a copy of Charles of the Wild for her second graders.

* Jim Bickford  of South Portland and his granddaughter Maddie.

Who’ll be next?


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

“Goodnight Bob” is just the right amount of spookiness for your little one on Halloween night. Once your little ghosts and ghouls are tucked into bed, enjoy reading them a goodnight story.

Happy Halloween and happy reading from the Hassetts.


M.J. Meets Ben

Our fans start reading young. Pictured here is M.J. who is meeting her new literary pal, Ben. Ben will be a steady and lifelong friend to M.J. through the power of reading. Thank you, Ben and thank you M.J.!

M.J. Meets Ben

Stinky House Guest.

As the weather turns cold, summer-loving creatures start hiding themselves away in warm places to take naps. This skunk heard a rumor that Nana Quimby was accepting house guests. Uh-oh, Nana! Watch out for that skunk!Monkey and Skunk

Heat Wave.


This week Nana Quimby hired a monkey to mow the lawn because it has been too hot for her to be out in the sun doing yard work. And besides, the monkey seems to enjoy the extra spending cash! Monkey Mowing

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