Charles of the Wild

Charles of the Wild, published in 1997 with a 2000 paperback edition, illustrates the life of a terrier in a beautiful apartment in Boston. He finds his pampered life rather dull, until one day he gets out into the city to explore and Charles finds invigoration and a zest for life in new found friendships and adventure.


Mayor Merino, of Boston, reading "Charles of the Wild" to Massachusetts youth.

Korean translation


  • Emily

    Was Charles of the Wild inspired by the story in this link below?

  • Hello Emily,

    Thank you for writing! We are indeed fans of Radio Lab, but the story of Charles was inspired by one of our own Terriers who was finicky with a sense of adventure 🙂 Thank you for sharing this RadioLab story with us. Such a great program. Happy reading (and listening!).

    With care,
    John and Ann Hassett

  • Hello!
    My 22 yo daughter Rose babysat for her 10yo cousin last night and read her one of our family favorites, CHARLES OF THE WILD.
    This morning, over coffee, we talked about it. During her childhood Rose and I read it countless times together, but until last night, she hadn’t realized that the man who befriends Charles is homeless. The fact that he was treated with such dignity and friendship made her very, very happy. Me too.
    Thank you for all of your beautiful books. I aspire to write like you!
    Hayley Barrett

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