The Nine Lives of Dudley Dog

Published in the spring of 2008.

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  • I have a two year old foster daughter and she is 40% delayed in her speech. Tennessee Early Intervention, a program for delayed children, suggestions we read to her as much as possible. We tried reading to Gracey with no success, this prompted us to contact her biological Mom and ask if Gracey has any favorite books, She said yes, Just one “The Nine Lives of Dudley Dog”. She said Gracie will always pick this book out of her pile of books and sit to read it over and over. Gracey’s biological mom brought the book to my house and alas we have gotten her to sit down and read with us but only “The Nine Lives of Dudley Dog”. It has been almost 6 months since Gracie has been in our home and TEIS is not happy with her just one book selection and thinks we need to start introducing more. This leads me to your sight. I wondered if the same author of “The Nine Lives of Dudley Dog”‘ has written other children’s books. I am thrilled to find your sight and the large selection of books you have written. I would love to have some more of your books for her library.

    Melissa Bolduc

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