Maine Literary Awards

The Maine Literary Awards is an annual competition sponsored and coordinated by the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance. Goodnight Bob is a finalist in the “Book Award for Children” category!

Congratulations to all the finalists! The award ceremony is taking place on Thursday June 1st at SPACE Gallery in Portland @ 7pm.

Behind the scenes of “Too Many Frogs”

Drawing a frog is harder than you would think. They’re all folded legs and arms and googly eyes.

But drawing millions of frogs turned out to be fun.

Sketches of all the characters are drawn until they seem just right.

Each illustration is drawn over and over. Whoever invented erasers was on to something.

Nana Quimby and I spent a lot of time in her kitchen. She baked a cake. I painted frogs.

Have you ever been told that pickles are made from frogs? They are not.